Welcome to Gite des Cathares - Welcome Letter

Welcome to Gite des Cathares.

Important Safety Information

  • Do not cover the electric heaters.
  • The terrace has access to the road, therefore please supervise children playing there.
  • In the event of a fire please leave the building quickly and carefully via the front door and notify the fire brigade as quickly as possible.
  • The tiled floors can get slippery when wet, so please take care.
  • Please keep hot pans off the kitchen work surfaces as it would damage them and use the chopping board when chopping.
  • For security reasons, please double lock the front door and close windows when you are going out (The French also shut the shutters on hot days as it helps keep the cool in and the heat out).
  • The European Emergency Number is 112.
  • The local Doctor's number is 0468 74 00 70
  • The pharmacy over the road has English speaking staff. They are open 9am - 7.30pm Mon-Sat.

Information about Gite des Cathares

In the main hallway there's cleaning equipment, a vacuum cleaner and an iron and ironing board. Under the cupboard, there are always fold-up chairs for the beach and beach umbrellas.

Please shut the fridge door firmly to stop the freezer compartment from frosting over.

The abstract paintings in the apartments are painted by Cath Mascres, food paintings are by Vanilla Beer, 2 talented local artists. Other paintings, including landscapes are by Allison Carmichael. All paintings are for sale and a price list is available; if you would like a painting delivered to you please ask for more information.

Use of computers

  • The computers don't have a password, just click OK on the log-in screen to use them.
  • If you have any difficulties using them or accessing the Internet, please let us know. All the computers are connected via a hub on the 2nd floor and if there is a temporary lapse in the Internet connection, we may need to reset it from there.
  • Please refrain from viewing pornographic or illegal material on the computers.

Information about the area

Couiza has a voluntary fire service who are notified of emergencies via a claxon which normally rings twice. This is loud, so can be startling, however is fairly rare. Don't panic if you hear it, it's not an alien invasion!

If you turn right outside of Gite des Cathares and stay on this side of the road and cross one small turning the two bins you come to are for household waste. Glass recycling is available in the car park opposite the local Spar and other recycling is available in local supermarkets. If you leave newspapers or magazines in the apartment when you depart, we will recycle them for you.

Most shops in France shut between 12-2pm, sometimes even 11.30-3pm! Supermarkets that are an exception to this are Carrefour, which is between Couiza and Quillan and E.LeClerc in Limoux which are both open through lunch. We have left various leaflets in the magazine holder and a wealth of information is also available on the Internet.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and if there's anything you require, please ask.