Weather in Languedoc Roussillon, South France

Climate in Aude, France inc. Carcassonne & Perpignan

South France is famous for its warm weather in which to enjoy fantastic holidays and there are, on average, 300 days of sunshine a year.

If you are staying with us at Gite des Cathares the holiday gite in Couiza, the table below shows roughly what you can expect from the weather throughout the year (some information is taken from the climate of the nearest cities of Carcassonne and Perpignan, as there is more information available for Carcassonne and Perpignan than Couiza. Temperatures are in Centigrade, however if you prefer to use Fahrenheit, please use the Centigrade to Fahrenheit converter on the right.

Temperature ranges indicate the normal range - it could be as much as 10 °C higher or lower than these if the weather is unusually extreme. Sun indicates the percentage of sunshine between sunrise and sunset and rain is in mm per day.

°C to °F
0 = 32
5 = 41
10 = 50
15 = 59
20 = 68
25 = 77
30 = 86
35 = 95
40 = 104

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Sun 66%
Rain 51 mm

Temperatures during the day are normally between 5 and 12°C and a third of the days are sunny all day long, with the others mixed. It is sometimes frosty (particularly drive carefully if you are going into the mountains) and may snow, though snow is unlikely to settle in Couiza (it has done only once in the last 4 years), but is great for sledging and skiing in the nearby Pyrenees mountains. January is quite a windy month for Languedoc-Roussillon, though Couiza is in a valley, so is less windy than other towns. Nights can be cold (0 to 6°C).

Sun 78%
Rain 46 mm

Warmer days and more sunshine than January with very few frosts. It's also less windy and rainy and is very unlikely to snow in Couiza.

Sun 79%
Rain 43 mm

The weather continues to getter warmer with less wind and rain. Most days are over 10°C and nights are over 5°C. March can be unpredictable, with some fantastically sunny days that feel like summer and other days cloudy and cool.

Sun 75%
Rain 56 mm
Spring is in the air and days are now consistently warm (over 10°C, with many over 20°C). There's more rain and wind in April than March. On a sunny day if you're feeling adventurous, you can go for a dip in a lake or river. (We've found that lakes are warmest, then rivers, then the ocean).
Sun 77%
Rain 51 mm

Pleasant with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. Some very hot days and less wind. Nights are significantly warmer. On the warmer days it's great to spend it near a river or lake, with frequent swims, including for the less adventurous.

Sun 81%
Rain 28 mm
Summer is here. Many days are over 25°C and nights below 15°C are rare.
Sun 91%
Rain 18 mm

Daytime temperatures are around 30° C with very little rain and plenty of sunshine. Gite des Cathares has double glazing and is well-insulated so it tends to stay cool inside and if you're going out for the day, we recommend that you shut the windows and shutters, as this keeps the cool in and the warm out. Each apartment also has fans.

Sun 88%
Rain 33 mm
Very similar weather to July, with hot days and warm nights. Both July and August have the occasional thunderstorm.
Sun 75%
Rain 48 mm

Still warm, though there is a marked different to August, with less than half the days being sunny all day. Rain and winds are low, though September can feel quite humid. Some thunderstorms.

Sun 72%
Rain 89 mm

A similar amount of sunshine to September, but more rain with thunderstorms still possible. Temperatures are still reasonably warm (normally over 15°C during the day), but swimming is once again only for the more adventurous!

Sun 69%
Rain 58 mm

Less rain than October, though temperatures are cooler. Most days are still over 10°C and it is very unlikely to be frosty. Snow is rare in the Pyrenees mountains and practically unheard of in Couiza.

Sun 63%
Rain 53 mm
Less sunny than November, but otherwise the weather is much the same. Daytime temperatures are mostly between 8° and 15° C. Nights are colder and night frosts are rare. Sunshine for nearly two thirds of the time between sunrise and sunset.

For more information about the weather, please click for a 10-day weather forecast for Perpignan, weather forecast for Carcassonne or an up-to-date weather map of France, which allows you to zoom close for the weather in Languedoc-Roussillon and closer still for Aude, Quillan, Limoux, Carcassonne or Saint Paul de Fenouillet.