River swimming and water sports in Aude - near Quillan and Couiza plus self-catering holiday accommdodation


River swimming in the Salz, Aude, Lanuguedoc-Roussillon
River near holiday accommodation in Couiza, Rennes-le-Bains, Quillan and Limoux
Sailing in Languedoc-Roussillon

River Swimming in the Salz and Aude Rivers

Please also see lakes in Aude for more information about swimming and water sports.

The river Salz is a tranquil and gently flowing tributary to the Aude. Ten minutes walk (or two minutes drive) from Gite des Artistes, is a beautiful natural pool (shown above) with a sloping beach into the water and deeper areas for the accomplished swimmer. It is possible to spend a relaxing day sunbathing and cooling off in the river with plenty of shady and sunny spots to suit everyone. The water is so clear that you can even use a snorkle and mask.

On the doorstep of Gite des Artistes is a lovely deep swimming spot near some stepping stones, not as private as many swimming places, but still a fabulous way to cool off after a hot summers day sightseeing. There are also several other swimming spots up and down the Salz and we're happy to provide directions of how to reach some of the best of them to our guests.

At Rennes-le-Bain, just a short drive away the river is blocked in July to create a fantastic natural outside swimming pool and there is also a warm cascade that offers a refreshing shower to anyone sitting beneath it at any time of year. Click to see weather in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Water sports at Montbel in Languedoc-RoussillonWater Sports in the Aude

If you're looking for something other than swimming, there are boats for hire at most of the lakes in the area such as Arques and Montbel (pictured to the right). The river Aude is also great spot for water sports and national championships are frequently held here. The source of the river Aude is in the Pyrenees mountains and it is normally deep enough throughout the year for water sports. The area around Quillan (10 minutes drive from Couiza) is ideal for white water rafting, canoeing and canyoning.

Canoeing on the river Aude is in 6 sections, classified from 1 (safe and easy) to 4 (difficult and risky). The sections are:
Bayra to Pierre Lys. 12 km
3 to 4
Pierre Lys to Couiza. 16 km (includes rapids)
Couiza to Alet-les-Bains to Piège à Loup. 13 km
Piège à Loup to Carcassonne. 33 km
1 to 2
Carcassonne to Puichéric. 34 km
1 to 2
Puichéric to the Mediteranean. 61km
1 to 3

For other activies in Aude, please check out the Lakes, Summer and Winter pages. For more information about water sports, please contact:

Canoe Limoux - Canoeing in Limoux, Aude, FranceCanoe Limoux, Limoux - next to the large play park, which you can see over the river as you approach Limoux from Couiza. To reach Canoe Limoux, you reach a small roundabout in Limoux and turn right past the Ecole de Musique. Turn left and then take an immediate right over the bridge, then turn right again and follow the road next to the river and turn right at the sign for the Tennis club to reach Canoe Limoux and the play park.
Tel: 0686 578068

Canoe-Cayak Club De Quillan, Quillan, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
Tel: 0468 201941

Belesta Rafting & Canyoning, Fenouilledes, Pyrenees Orientals, France.
Tel: 0468 848193.

Cévennes Evasion, 5, Place Boyer, 48400 Florac, France.
Tel: 0466 451831
Clicking their names takes you to more information (in French) on canoeing, white water rafting, inflatables, rafts, etc.