Rennes le Chateau - the mystery of the Cathars

Rennes le Chateau - the mystery of the Cathars

The Cathars were a medieval sect which sought to achieve great spiritual purity and which believed in 'dualism', that God and the Devil reside within each one of us.

Their belief offended the Catholic Church who in 1209 sent Christian Crusaders led by Simon de Montfort to crush the Cathare strongholds and slaughter the Cathare people without mercy.

The city of Rhedae was a major stronghold but was put to blood and fire by the forces of Simon de Montfort and though Rhedae began to recover, it was then pillaged by soldiers of fortune, besieged by Count Henri de Trastamarre of Spain and beset by plague, reduced to almost nothing and leaving the inhabitants of Carcassonne, Rhedae's twin to tell the tail.

Where once the strong and powerful city of Rhedae stood, there remained only a small village - the village of Rennes-le-Chateau.


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