Hiking in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees mountain range is extremely popular with hikers, as it can boast some truly stunning scenery, great trails, and a variety of terrains. Popular routes include the GR10, a fairly easy-going route which spans the entire Pyrenees from East to West, and the Haute Randonnee Pyreneenne (HRP), which spans the same 700 kilometre distance from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean over much more difficult terrain. This route is recommended only for experienced hikers.

The hiking season in the Pyrenees lasts from the middle of June until the end of September, as the mountains are mostly covered with snow from October to around May. Weather conditions are fairly unpredictable, and some hiking experience is recommended before you tackle even some of the easier routes. Always follow the weather forecasts, and make sure you have good maps, a compass, and plenty of food and water with you in case you get stranded. If you are in any doubt, it is better to turn back rather than risk getting lost or stranded.

The Parc National des Pyrenees Occidentales in the central Pyrenees is about a hundred kilometres long, and runs along the border with Spain. This nature reserve was set up in 1967 to protect this absolutely stunning area from the ravages of the tourist industry.