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Rennes le Chateau - the mystery of the Cathars

The Cathars were a medieval sect which sought to achieve great spiritual purity and which believed in 'dualism', that God and the Devil reside within each one of us.

Their belief offended the Catholic Church who in 1209 sent Christian Crusaders led by Simon de Montfort to crush the Cathare strongholds and slaughter the Cathare people without mercy.

Arques in Aude, France

Arques is stunning and unique, with rich red earth contrasting beautifully with the vibrant green of the landscape.


Rennes les Bains is well known for its naturally heated thermal spa, pictured on the right.

Holiday Activities in Esperaza

Esperaza boasts a bustling Sunday market (the busiest in the area), several restaurants, a dinosaur museum, hat museum and honey museum, as well as a thriving artist community and various other attractions. Please click any link for more information on the holiday attraction.

Holidays in Limoux, France

Limoux is a market town with markets on Fridays throughout the year and Tuesday nights during the summer. It is located in Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France between Carcassonne and Quillan.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Limoux where food and drink represent the dominant cultural pastime and at the heart of the town is a wide square with restaurants, shops and fountains.

Holiday activities in Quillan

Situated on the Aude river, Quillan (pronounced "Key An") is a small thriving town with all amenities, including a municipal swimming pool, gym and cinema. There are local shops, supermarkets, and a market twice a week. You can enjoy the french cafe culture at one of the local cafes and Quillan also has a large number of restaurants.

Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne contains a walled city within a city, where an enormous old castle stands open to be explored. The outer walls of the castle stand largely empty, with winding stairways, beautiful stone arches and numerous passageways inviting you to explore their mystery. The centre of the old castle contains museums, many bars and restaurants and many tourist shops.

Holidays in Couiza, South France

Couiza is a pretty little town at the heart of Aude, between Limoux and Quillan. Couiza is easy to reach as there is a train station, plus it is on a bus route and there is a taxi service or auto-bus service to Carcassonne airport. For large group holidays, you can also arrange the auto-bus to take you to Perpignan airport instead, should you wish.

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