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Gorges de Galamus

Gorges de Galamus is a spectacular gorge that you can walk around, and even drive along.

L'ermitage Saint-Antoine is a small church built into the side of the gorge.

Château de Serres

Serres is a small, pretty village with a 15th Century Chateau. There is also a bridge constructed during the reign of Louis XIV.

Chateau in Arques

Arques Chateau is on the West side of the Arques village and parking is free. There’s a book shop as well. Entrance to the actual chateau/castle was around 5 Euro’s when we last checked, but you can wonder around the outskirts for free.

The castle was first mentioned in 1011, but the current construction was completed in 1316.

Further details, including history and opening times, are available on this site about Cathare castles in France.


Montbel is probably the largest lake near Aude.  You can hire pedalos and life jackets for young children, and in the summer there is a cafe serving chips, pizza and drinks. There is also a life guard who watches a small man made beach near the cafe.


The lake near Arques is small and pretty, and also the closest lake to Couiza. There are plenty of good picnic spots with tables and benches around the lake and you can hire boats or pedalos.

While you are there you can also visit the town of Arques and Arques Chateau

Grotte de Limousis

Grotte de Limousis,
11600 Limousis, Cabrespine
Tel: +33 (0) 468 26 14 20
Directions: Leave Carassonne on the A61 towards Mazamet, the Grotte is very well sign-posted.

Arques in Aude, France

Arques is stunning and unique, with rich red earth contrasting beautifully with the vibrant green of the landscape.


Rennes les Bains is well known for its naturally heated thermal spa, pictured on the right.

Holiday Activities in Esperaza

Esperaza boasts a bustling Sunday market (the busiest in the area), several restaurants, a dinosaur museum, hat museum and honey museum, as well as a thriving artist community and various other attractions. Please click any link for more information on the holiday attraction.

Holidays in Limoux, France

Limoux is a market town with markets on Fridays throughout the year and Tuesday nights during the summer. It is located in Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, France between Carcassonne and Quillan.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Limoux where food and drink represent the dominant cultural pastime and at the heart of the town is a wide square with restaurants, shops and fountains.

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