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Puivert Lake

Puivert lake has a managed area and is very safe for swimming. It's in a beautiful setting, overlooked by hills, and has an artificial beach.

The water can get a little green with algae in the late summer, and nearby Montbel is clearer.

Puivert also has a castle and the well renowned museum, Musee de Quercorb. It can be reached in approximately 30 minutes from the holiday accommodation.

Puivert Castle

Puivert castle is one of the better preserved castles in the Languedoc Roussillon region and the current structure mostly dates from the 15th Century, after the Cathars. 

While in Puivert you can also visit the renowned museum in the village, Musee du Quercorb and swim in the local lake with artifical beach.

It is approximately 30 minutes drive from the holiday gite and it can also be viewed from above from a superb view point above Nebias (see walks).

Puilaurens Castle

Puilaurens castle is one of the most impressive in the Cathar region and is a short drive away from Axat and the river Aude.

It continued to be a refuge for the Cathars even after the massacre at Montsegur up until 1250. In 1255 the French king ordered that Puilaurens castle be fortified as a frontier citadel, and it became the strongest bastion facing Spain in France and the Pyrenees.

It is approximately 30 minutes drive from the self catering apartments in Couiza.

Coustaussa Chateau

Coustaussa village dates back to the 14th Century and is situated in the high valley of the Aude, on the river Sals between Arques and Couiza. You can walk to the castle from the self catering gite in Couiza along a quiet track, and it is free to wonder around the ruins.

Musee des Automates, Limoux

The Musee des Automates in Limoux has over 100 marionettes, open all year round in the afternoon. 

Tel 0670 39 01 74
Located at 4 Rue Anne Marie, Javouhey, Limoux, Haute-Vallee de l'Aude

Cycles Dejean, Limoux

Cycle hire shop for cycling vacations in Limoux.

Tel: 0468 31 29 84

Garnier Pascal, Rennes les Bains

Cycling hire in Rennes les Bains

Tel: 0468 69 47 91

Thomas Loisirs, Couiza

This cycle hire shop is just outside Couiza, near Intermarche, 10 or 15 minutes walk from the gite

Tel:  0468 74 10 97

Web: Cycle trips in Couiza

or email Aude en Pyrenees -

Z.A. Pastabrac, Couiza

Patisserie in Couiza

We know it doesn't officially belong on this list, but we highly recommend the patisserie next to the Spar shop in Couiza, which has a fantastic range of sandwiches, snacks, cakes and other treats.

Pizza La Farigoulette, Couiza

Delicious and enormous pizzas delivered to your door or take away (they're only a few doors down from the gite in couiza), plus sandwiches, kebabs and couscous. Open 10am to 9pm 7 days a week.

Tel 0468 31 46 68

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