French Internet Marketing

Web Design and SEO in France

This site was created by Indigoextra - a French web design, SEO and Internet Marketing company based in Montpellier, Southern France. For information about holiday accommodation in Languedoc, please see any of the links at the top of this page.

French Internet Marketing

Indigoextra (formerly 1 Website Designer) offer a creative internet marketing solution in French and English for companies based worldwide.

What is internet marketing?

There are two main forms of internet marketing:

  1. Sponsored marketing - including Google Adwords, pay-per-click schemes, placing sponsored adverts on a range of web sites or paying for inclusion on relevant directories.
  2. Organic marketing or SEO (Search engine optimization) - creating internet sites in such a way that they naturally appear high with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Indigoextra specialise in the second of these - performing English and French SEO on web sites, so that it naturally rises in the organic search results. For your site, this means when someone searches for an important phrase or keyword, your web site will appear high with Google and other search engines.

The main advantages of SEO over pay-per-click schemes are:

  • There are no ongoing charges.
  • It helps your site appear higher with ALL search engines, not just one.
  • It helps your site appear higher for a wide range of keywords.
  • Organic search results are perceived as being more trustworthy.

We have provided an SEO service to a wide range of companies - for example, this site which appears 1st with Google for searches like 'France computer holiday'. Other clients include a wide range of ecommerce sites, blogs, news sites and service providers in London, Scotland, France and Canada. It doesn't matter where you are based or what industry you are in, we can offer you an effective marketing and SEO service.

France SEO

English and French SEO

Indigoextra look at over 20 different factors to optimize a web site for search engines, whether the site is in English, French, or both languages.

We start by looking at important on-site factors - how a site itself can be developed to appear higher in the natural search results. We look at:

  • The metatags (a Title, Description and Keywords list that are included on each page primarily for search engines.
  • Titles and sub-headings on your pages (If you use a H1 coding for the main title and H2, H3, etc. coding for sub-headings and include relevant keywords in them, this helps a page appear higher for these keywords).
  • Page URLs (the web address of a given page).
  • How your web site's pages link together (are important pages 'buried' and hard to navigate to? Do you use relevant link texts to connect pages together, or is it a generic 'Home', 'About us', 'Services', 'Contact', etc. ?)
  • Text on individual pages (Are your keywords used sufficiently often, but not too often, and do you use them along with other secondary keywords?)
  • Images (are images saved as e.g. JPEG123.jpg or with relevant names such as france-internet-promotion.jpg? Do images have ALT tags which tell search engines what they are?)
  • Flash animations (Do Flash animations have good names, Titles and Descriptions?)
  • Content of pages from an end-user perspective.

The end-user perspective is often overlooked. You could create a great web site for search engines, but it is essential it also reads well and captures user's attention and interest. We therefore make sure that content is well-written and that the site is intuitive to use for the end-user.

Whether applying French or English SEO to an existing site or creating a new web site, we work in conjunction with you for this.


Link building

As well as looking at on-site factors, 1 Website Designer, trading as French SEO Team offer marketing services in France to create quality, relevant links to sites as part of our web design process.

Google and other search engines look at incoming links as a 'vote of confidence' and this is an essential and often overlooked stage in the process. We therefore generate links from other quality internet sites that have a similar theme and by submitting your site to a targeted selection of English or French internet directories.

Please contact Indigoextra for more information on our link building and internet promotion service or call:

From France: 0467 02 48 79
Internationally: +33 467 02 48 79